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Villa and apartments for rent in Riccione for the 2022 season and new year 2023

The history of Villa Renata

After the war, Dr. Renata Bedetti in Gabbriellini bought with her mother’s legacy a plot of land that belonged to the Mattioli counts, with a few lire. Being one of the first women to have graduated in architecture in Italy and to have obtained the D license, she made the design of the cottage very different from how you see it today. Presenting many variations and after various discernments, the result of the final design was the one you can admire today. A villa with simple lines that is still very modern today.

In 1973 she began the construction of the villa, which was completed in 1977. It took almost 37,000 Italian lire (about 19,000 euros today) to build it, which is unbelievable…

Today, after almost 40 years, many things have changed, but the initial grandmother’s project is practically the same as the original, only small changes and improvements have been made since then. The trees, however, have grown quite a lot, including the cedar of Lebanon that overlooks the house.

At the beginning, the ground floor apartment was for family use while the attics were rented to pilots of the US Air Force who were based at the large Miramare di Rimini airport, behind here.

Wonderful memories bind us to that time, when Dr. Renata’s grandson, Mr. Stephen Augustus Kleckner rode the giant Fords or Dodges parked in the driveway in front of his house or when he went to the military airport to watch the F16s fly with his grandmother and the base pilots.

Then the Americans left and the Italian military came, first from the Italian Air Force and then from the Italian Army.

In the meantime, the spirit of the cottage has always been that of a sea port where, over the years, many people have passed, friends, acquaintances, friends of friends during barbecues or evenings, guests of the tenants, in short, a large cheerful family, carefree and always very ahead both with homework and with technology.

After a series of events, the cottage was no longer used regularly by my family, but always requested by friends who wanted to spend a few days at the beach in Riccione.

Over the past seven years…

Hence the idea of making the apartments available to anyone who wishes. Renting out the apartments by the day, by the week or for short periods to families and groups of kids on the wave of new technologies that allow sharing of apartments and their review was an idea to keep the cottage alive and well-kept, which would otherwise be gone into abandonment.

The experience was immediately fascinating, both for the number of people hosted and their fascinating diversity. We stayed in close contact with several guests, as it happened that we went out together in the evening for Riccione and had long chats over a good mug of wine in the garden or went on a sailing boat and discussed every aspect of life, but also of physics 🙂

In the meantime, Mr. Stephen is always around, back and forth, almost condemned to roam the land and sea without stopping, but always reachable by phone and often also in Riccione.

We hope to have you as guests in Riccione in one of our apartments.

The staff of SKAAUT S.r.l.s.

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